About Stephanie

Stephanie has been the Lifestyles Editor at Greenwich News and The Greenwich Post, a Contributing Editor to Greenwich Magazine, and the award-winning columnist of These Days which, for over a decade, openly and honestly described the issues that she, and others shared as they worked, formed relationships, raised families, sustained marriages, and simply muddled through.
In addition to These Days, Stephanie wrote hard-hitting features for local and national media on subjects such as domestic violence, women in prison, surviving breast cancer and homelessness. Her columns and features won a total of twelve Excellence in Journalism Awards from the Society of Professional Journalists.
Though she was working full-time, freelancing, and raising a family, Stephanie nevertheless felt the need to express herself in a different format. She began writing her first novel at night, and after 15 months, Jimmy’s Girl was released to great acclaim in 2001. Never one to rest on her laurels, Stephanie produced three more successful novels during the following five years: The Puzzle Bark Tree in 2002, Drifting in 2003, and The Windmill in 2004.
In 2005, she also released her first non-fiction book, To Love, Honor, and Betray:The Secret Life of Suburban Wives comprised of 26 interviews with married women who had contemplated infidelity, had affairs, and who were currently embroiled in an extramarital affair. Stephanie publicized the book with appearances on Oprah, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper 360, and more. Her books are published in the U.S.A. and 21 foreign countries.
Today, Stephanie is back at home in Manhattan. The nest is empty — though the kids are close. She takes dance classes, pilates, and yoga with a passion, and is working on her fifth novel.
And, of course, she is now blogging These Days (she’s missed writing the column!) with a nod now and then to Those Days since life is a circle.